Gurnee, Illinois



Has your HR department ever been under-resourced or overworked?

Keep your HR department efficient and well-run by hiring an HR professional for short-term periods. For example:

  • Sometimes priorities outweigh the resources available to meet them.
  • Life happens. As a result, a key HR team member is away on leave. Keep key projects on track and moving forward.
  • Your organization requires HR expertise from time to time. Flip the switch and turn it on when needed, off when it’s not needed.

These situations call for expertise from a seasoned HR professional with a diverse background. 3C Cynthia Cobb Consulting, LLC can address your HR department requirements with Credibility, Commitment, and Confidence.

Cynthia has a strong track record of bringing resources together to accomplish business goals. As a senior human resources professional with more than fifteen years of experience, this well-organized, energetic leader gets things done.

Cynthia excels at creating communication bridges, working collaboratively and effectively at all levels. Her partnering approach is a valuable asset to former employers and current clients.