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Talent Acquisition and Management


Experience covers all aspects of the talent acquisition and management process:

  • Strategic HR Plan Development – Compares current skills and capabilities to future needs; creates plan of action to close any gaps
  • Succession planning – Helps determine if viable successors exist, what career development is needed for them, strategy to cultivate successors if they don’t exist
  • Critical position identification with senior management – For the key roles in an organization, evaluate current incumbents against role requirements and makes recommendations based upon findings.
  • Resolves employee/supervisor concerns
  • Strategic Staffing – Selection process design, talent forecasting, diversity, recruitment strategy development
  • Interviewer Training – Ensures interviewers and everyone associated with the selection process knows how to make the most of the time they invest in the process; covers relevant do’s and don’ts.
  • University Relations – Program design, including hiring needs, school selection, building employer presence, interview team preparation
  • Staffing Support - Candidate identification, screening, interview schedule preparation, candidate follow-up and feedback, offer determination, legal compliance, onboarding/orientation

Sample Engagements






Redesigned staffing processes to reduce the time and money investment to achieve objectives.

While a hiring manager sought a new team member, analyzed and summarized employee information for a newly implemented organizational inventory process. Also participated in ongoing staffing initiatives.

"I have tremendous respect for your depth and breadth, especially as it relates to partnering with senior leaders."

Helped lead the selection process to hire an entire sales force for a medium-sized medical device company. Conducted interview training, screened candidates, conducted final interviews, completed applicant flow logs, helped determine employment offers, and provided feedback to candidates not selected.

Led talent review process for several management teams, ensuring follow-up actions were taken to develop employees, address performance concerns, and retain top performers.

Client wanted to initiate hiring of college students as interns and new graduates as full-time employees. Researched and recommended campuses to visit, participated in campus visits with faculty, and proposed plan of action.

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