employee relations and engagement

Employee Relations and Engagement


Broad experience in promoting positive employee relations/engagement as well as addressing challenging people matters:

  • Best Employer Practices - Identifies best employer practices for client-identified employment aspects and help clients determine which to adopt and how.
  • Policy Development
  • Employee Engagement Surveys and Action Planning - Sources options for collecting employee opinions as well as writes questions. If client has a survey with which it is satisfied, consultant’s focus is administration (as needed), clarifying results (e.g., conducting focus groups), analyzing results, and creating action plans to address improvement opportunities and to leverage organizational strengths.
  • Resolution of employee/supervisor concerns
  • Work and Life – Coaches individuals on work/life balance, facilitating process to develop and implement organizational work and life programs
  • Employee Recognition – Programs and/or events
  • Exit Interviews - Creates interview guide (if needed; can use client’s list of questions) and conducts exit interviews for employees who have voluntarily resigned. Compiles results, identifies trends, and makes recommendations to capitalize on strengths and to address improvement opportunities.
  • Performance Management – Developing or enhancing an organization’s performance/development process
  • Performance Improvement Plans - Coaches manager/supervisor on handling performance issues. Helps create actionable, reasonable performance improvement plans for employees not meeting expectations. Facilitates required follow-up.
  • Terminations - Coaches supervisors/managers on navigating through a progressive disciplinary process and final outcome. Ensures termination is handled in keeping with positive employee relations concepts. Participates in termination conference as needed.
  • Outplacement - Provides support to management and affected employees in light of workforce reductions. Services include messaging to employees being laid off as well as those being retained, career coaching for departing employees, and job redesign for retained ones.

Sample Engagements




Routinely conducts new hire and exit interviews to provide client with positive and developmental feedback on its work practices and environment.

Served as HR generalist for an HR Director on sabbatical. Engagement included employee communications, staffing, assisting leaders with performance issues and promotions, and creating action plans as a result of employee engagement survey data.  Completed similar engagements for departments while recruiting to fill open positions.

“It has been a great pleasure working with you this year. I feel we have come a long way in making [this] a great workplace that values people’s contributions. I am particularly pleased with the work you have assisted us with in assuring consistency in policy and encouraging a culture where fairness, integrity and diversity are expected, valued and delivered.”

Provided support to client reducing its workforce. Services included messaging to employees being laid off as well as those being retained and performing adverse impact analysis.


"You really helped me through a difficult time. You provided useful ideas and strategies."

Conducted series of workshops to help laid off employees find their next jobs.  These workshops covered written communications; panel, phone, and face-to-face interviewing; and job search strategies.


“Thank you for giving me some valuable tips on handling future interviews and my job search.”

Acted as on-demand HR executive-level resource for two small employers.

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