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Has your HR department ever been under-resourced or overworked?

One HR Company. One HR Philosophy. Great Results.

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Supplement your HR department with additional skills and expertise. Strengthen your organization and leadership team by adding missing HR competencies.
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On Call

Keep your organization well-run and projects on track with flexible HR expertise by 3C.

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Be viewed as a "best in class" company for your workplace practices, community involvement, and business performance.
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We will keep key projects moving toward achieving the objectives.
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Flexible scheduling. When you need us, we're ready.

Flip the switch on when needed and switch it off when we've accomplished the goals.


Has your HR department ever been under-resourced or overworked?

Keep your HR department efficient and well-run by hiring an HR professional for short-term periods. For example:

Sometimes priorities outweigh the resources available to meet them. Learn more


Life Happens

As a result, a key HR team member is away on leave. Keep key projects on track and moving forward. Learn more

The 3 Cs

These situations call for expertise from an experienced HR professional with a diverse background.ᅠ3C - Cynthia Cobb Consulting, LLC can address your HR department requirements with our 3 Cs - Credibility, Commitment, and Confidence. Learn more



Cynthia Cobb

Cynthia, President/Principal of 3C  - Cynthia Cobb Consulting, LLC, is a  senior human resources professional with more than twenty years of experience. As a well-organized, energetic leader, she gets things done seamlessly with the utmost professionalism. Learn more

3C - Cynthia Cobb Consulting, LLC  makes it happen!

3C + Expert Analysis = Solutions & Opportunities

Your HR Expert

Cynthia has a strong track record of bringing resources together to accomplish business goals. As a senior human resources professional with more than twenty years of experience, this well-organized, energetic leader gets things done.


An Asset to your Business

Cynthia excels at creating communication bridges, working collaboratively and effectively at all levels. Her partnering approach is a valuable asset to former employers and current clients.

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Bottom line, it’s about getting work done and achieving objectives.  That’s what 3C helps you do.  We also have an attitude of continuous learning so we are able to advise our clients on recent trends and developments.


3c-llc human resrouce consulting

When can we meet?

You have a need for a specific area of HR expertise or you need the breadth of experience a seasoned generalist brings.  If you’ve found a potential match between your needs and what we offer, let’s meet.


What to expect our first meeting

The key to getting started is largely sharing and listening.  Our first meeting is an opportunity to get to know each other a little bit as well as discussing an overview of the work that needs to be done, desired outcomes, deadlines, and next steps.

After the first meeting and assuming we want to continue discussions, you’ll receive a written proposal from 3C.  If for some reason 3C is unable to meet your needs, we are happy to refer you to other resources.


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What to expect when you hire 3C

We have a reputation for building effective partnerships and delivering results.  We are responsive, on point, reliable, and communicative.  You won’t be left wondering what’s happening with the work you’ve asked us to do.  We will agree to the frequency of providing progress updates and how to ensure we reach the finish line.  Don’t be surprised if we laugh and have fun while working together.

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Business Made Better

Comprehensive human resource experience when you need it

3C - Cynthia Cobb Consulting, LLC.

Business Solutions  3c-llc business solutions

Your organization has a problem that requires a solution.  There’s a myriad of ways 3C can assist, such as developing current and/or next generation leaders, improving workplace processes, conducting focus groups to dig deeper behind data, and more.  3C’s recommendations take into account your organizational culture, available resources, and other key considerations.


Individual Solutions  Individual job coaching with 3C-LLC

3C works with individuals to help them increase their professional effectiveness and fulfillment.  Coaching, 360 feedback, career transition, job search strategy, tips for early career professionals and other skills development are services offered.


Continuous Learning  Improve your team's human rescources skills

A variety or seminars, courses, and other learning experiences conducted by 3C can enrich lives, improve abilities, and positively affect outcomes. Make better hiring decisions by improving the interviewers' skills.  Improve employee performance by improving leaders’ ability to give feedback and recognition.  Create a work environment free of harassment and focused on respect and inclusion. Help employees be more present at work by equipping them with ways to handle life’s demands and more.

Improve your Human Resources with 3C-LLCTaking it to the Next Level

Understanding current strengths to preserve and discovering improvement opportunities can propel your organization to new levels and to being recognized for what you do.  3C offers that independent, objective review to get you answers.  Typically the approach is to take stock of what is presently being done, identify best practices, suggest changes, and create an implementation plan for any changes being made.

Human Rescources Reporting with 3C-LLCReporting

3C can provide data to help you make solid decisions.  Workforce analysis, exit interview summaries, recruiting costs, turnover, compensation benchmarking, and employee or customer surveys are examples.

Workflow Management with #C-LLCWorkflow Management

Sometimes organizations need a partner to ensure programs and initiatives are planned and executed well.  3C’s capabilities include but are not limited to talent acquisition of interns, new graduates and experienced professionals; onboarding; community service programs; organizational restructuring; job family design or updating; and post-survey action planning.

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3C - Cynthia Cobb Consulting, LLC

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