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Keeping up with current business demands can be challenging, especially if you are lacking the necessary expertise or resources.  Even with internal HR professionals on hand, it can be virtually impossible to accomplish all that's needed for today and look toward the future. Maybe you don't yet know what you don't know because your organization is unaware of the value defined HR policies and practices can bring.

At 3C,  human resources is what we do and it is all we do, so we can focus on helping businesses attract and retain the talent they need, adopt relevant best practices, establish sustainable people processes. effectively manage tedious compliance issues, demonstrate good citizenship, and stay current on workplace trends.

Through solid HR practices you create better leaders, successfully complete projects, increase the productivity and engagement of your staff, and are recognized by your clients and other stakeholders as a well-managed business.


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Human Resources solutions


Supplement your HR department with additional skills and expertise. Strengthen your organization and leadership team by adding missing HR competencies.  3C brings agility, flexibility, commitment, depth, breadth without the cost of an FTE.

on call Human Resource services

On Call

Keep your organization well-run and projects on track with flexible HR expertise. 3C can be the perfect solution when employees are on leave, positions are open, or workload increases unexpectedly.

be best in class with the right HR training


Be viewed as a "best in class" company for your workplace practices, community involvement, and business performance.  Research shows that well-regarded employers can often spend less on recruiting and marketing and often have greater productivity per employee.

HR project management


We will keep key projects on track and moving toward achieving the objectives.  Working on site or remotely, we add valuable expertise when needed for short-term or longer-term assignments.


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3C - Cynthia Cobb Consulting, LLC

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HR Management

Human resources management is what we do and it is all we do, so you can focus on the rest of your business.  READ MORE

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