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Designs and delivers a variety of seminars and courses.  Consistently receives high ratings for presentation and training delivery skills.

Learning experiences and workshop content can be tailored to meet the needs of your organization.  We also welcome opportunities to create additional training that would meet your organizational objectives.  Please contact us directly with your questions or requests.

Sample Engagements








Co-designed a workplace harassment training course for a pharmaceutical company.

Facilitated Diversity and Inclusion training for two organizations.

Designed and led performance feedback training for a legal services organization.

Created and facilitated interviewing skills training sessions. Course is conducted as two-day, one-day, or 3-hour version depending upon needs of client. Also delivered 60-minute learning module for staff interacting but not interviewing candidates.

Created and implemented several improved performance management processes that led to 100% of eligible employees receiving substantive and timely performance reviews and development plans.

Created “Dress for Success” lunch-and-learn for a client whose employees weren’t adhering to their dress policy. This 1 hour seminar is built from your dress policy and includes why dressing for success is important.

Coached leaders on performance management principles and process, thus building their confidence to accurately assess employee performance, to reward positive performance, and to address performance issues.

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