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Using resources, such as Myers-Briggs, PDI Profiler™, and various multisource feedback tools, helps individual contributors, leaders of others, and top executives strengthen their skills to enhance their contributions to their organizations and to achieve more career satisfaction. Process includes creating an actionable development plan and follow-up discussions to facilitate progress.

Also guides leadership teams to identify strengths and opportunities to become more effective individually and as a group.

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Have coached emerging leaders through C-suite level leaders for a variety of industries. The coaching sessions entail a review of multisource feedback and the individual’s behavior preferences followed by action planning. The sessions end with the leaders having at least two action items they can undertake immediately to improve their contribution to the business and their overall personal career satisfaction.

Coached high potential leaders toward enhanced performance over a four-month period. Have been rehired to coach those who took on expanded roles.

“The value you provided was above and beyond what we paid for your expertise.”

Designed and facilitated leadership team-building for two groups of executive and mid-level managers.

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